Free Beer Tomorrow
Presented by Shulamit Nazarian

Dec 2-5, 2019
UNTITLED Miami Beach VIP Lounge

This year the fair partnered with LA gallery Shulamit Nazarian on the VIP lounge. The highlight of this were giant sofas that artist Wendy White made out of pants. I met White and excitedly showed her the article I wrote last year in which I declared “pants are the new plants!” at Miami art fairs. (Seriously, why have pants become a medium!? I still haven’t figured this out, but I love it). Anyway, I think the VIP lounge is also a great example of artists doing something fun and aesthetic that’s also eco-conscious (the production of cotton and especially blue jeans is an environmental disaster so we all SHOULD be up-cycling our pants into upholstery or paintings or tapestries!) in stark contrast to art-fair business as usual. —Michael Anthony Farley, Bmore Art