Sea Foam (Convertible)
Presented by Shulamit Nazarian

March 5-9, 2020
The Armory Show
New York, NY

Clad in a lemon-and-tangerine tracksuit, artist Wendy White stood out against the aqua curtains that conceal her paintings at Shulamit Nazarian’s booth. The drapes create a sense of flirtation and intrigue—if you want to see the works, you have to ask a gallerist to reveal them. At an art fair, White explained to me, it’s common for new art to come out on the second or third day, or to be hidden in a back room; a piece might unexpectedly come out of storage. The artist likes that sense of surprise. “I wondered what would happen if you used the real estate of a booth to do that in real time, so that you could reveal a whole new body of work just by shifting the curtains,” she said. White’s canvases feature faded car imagery and abstracted starry skies. She’s framed them with black plexiglass that spurts simple icons—a pixelated heart, a rainbow—from the side. “Making something that takes up a different kind of space, that’s what I love,” White said.  —Alina Cohen, Artsy

For The Armory Show: Presents, Shulamit Nazarian will feature a solo installation of new works by New York-based artist Wendy White. White will debut new multi-canvas and custom framed paintings featuring the artist’s iconic rainbows, rainclouds, and hearts. With these works, White continues to question Americana lexicons by amalgamating vintage advertisements, art historical gestures, and consumerist logos. The artist will also present an installation made of her quintessential wood paneling, carpeted interior, and jean-covered sculptures. Utilizing denim—a typical American fabric associated with labor and a sense of Western self-reliance—the artist will introduce a new sculpture, that doubles as furniture, from her ongoing Jeans series.