What a Letdown

Dec 4-7, 2015

NADA Miami Beach
Rawson Projects

Wendy White at Rawson Projects’ booth would win best booth installation hands down. Ms. White created a hanging light fixture (her first) that dangles over a puddle containing the words “WHAT A LET DOWN.” Dark grey, dripping cloud-shaped paintings hang on the booth’s peach walls (there’s also matching peach carpet), and small vinyl lettering near the floor repeats the Newport cigarettes logo “Pleasure!” The installation, which was made specifically for the fair, is based on the memory of a peach-colored sweatshirt she’d wanted in her teenage years. —Alanna Martinez, Observer

Wendy White’s near-black “tondos” and floor-scraping lamp pop against the booth’s apricot walls and floor. Irregularly shaped frames encircle the round paintings, which aren’t truly black, but a mixture of black, gold and blue. The tondos seem to be weeping, which isn’t surprising, considering the phrase cut out of the “puddles” on the floor, which reads, “What a let down.”  —Jan Sjostrom, Palm Beach Daily News