Pick Up a Knock

Andrew Rafacz, Chicago, Illinois
September 20 - November 2, 2013

Pick Up a Knock addresses the inclination in professional soccer toward “flopping," or faking injuries. The installation comprises 5 paintings and 4 large-scale inkjet printed photographs on vinyl. The painting installation is completed with wall-to-wall white Astroturf installed on the gallery’s floor.

Wendy White’s work does not necessarily center on the notion of deception, per se, although like much work of and since the modern and post-modern eras, it encrypts layers of codes and meanings through a combination of abstract forms and textual elements. Her work suggests a clavado prospect of its own, prompting the viewer to untangle interconnections between different phenomena— references, mostly in Spanish, to soccer, aerosol, dates, and addresses—much like the referee sorting out the truth or fiction of a player’s tumble onto the pitch. (Dominic Molon, from his essay “In Praise of Gamesmanship” published in the exhibition’s accompanying catalog)


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