American Dirt Effect


Hand embellished work from series of 12, acrylic and archival pigment print on paper, 24 x 24 inches, Exhibition A, New York, NY

Signed and dated on front

Wendy White explores contemporary identity by utilizing classic signifiers of the dominating visual culture to both celebrate and subvert their underlying connotations. In White’s JEANS series — from which her new embellished Exhibition A series was borne — she presents a hyper vision of Americana and our collective cultural obsession with denim. White began working with the medium following the 2016 presidential election, employing iconic visuals of rugged American denim as a pathway to explore the mythic identity of masculinity. Using primarily oversized men's jeans sourced from thrift stores, White reworks cultural castaways by juxtaposing the overtly masculine -- tough, riveted, reliable -- with neon gradients, evoking the sweet nostalgia of airbrushed beach-town sunsets and optimistic youth culture. In American Dirt Effect, collectors are invited into White's hopeful vision of a new American ethos.

Each piece is hand-touched with unique variants.