Love's Dark Corners

Available at Exhibition A.

UV print on dibond
16 1/4" x 17 1/4"

Limited edition of 15 + 1AP + 1PP, 2020
Signed and numbered by the artist en verso

*Each work will have z-clips installed on the back*

Wendy White's colorful mixed media works defy rigid classification, instead featuring a swell of blended imagery found in everything from vintage advertisements to energetically paced cityscapes. Contemporary experience exists as a multiverse of semiotics—from professional sports to omnipresent advertisements, there is an endless feed of visual language to process. White creates a bridge to traverse this well, collaging together intuitive marks and colorfields with more ubiquitous forms, forging wrinkles in time. Love's Dark Corners (2020) melds a vintage romance novel book cover, photographs of petroglyphs at national parks, and a clip-art rainbow emoji that is a signature motif in White's work.