A Piece of History

Available at Louis Buhl.

5 Color Process Serigraph Print on 130lb Cougar White with Spot-UV. Straight cut, signed, and numbered by the artist. 30h x 24w inches, edition of 45, Louis Buhl, Detroit, MI

Signed and dated on front

Louis Buhl & Co. presents its newest release, this time with Brooklyn-based artist Wendy White. Titled ‘A Piece of History’, this 5-color Serigraph depicts a sports car ad from the 70s set against a backdrop of mountains; an almost equally retro ‘Power-Up’ heart hangs above. "This piece is both homage and critique of advertising and car culture, in which women are touted as prizes for owning sports cars. The print juxtaposes a vintage ad against a mountainous landscape, suggesting escape and referring to the myth of freedom, ownership, and conquest that surrounds the automobile. A pixelated black heart floats above, much like the symbol of health in video games or an 80s decal, representing hope and optimism---an attempt to recast the embedded narrative." White has spent the last few years gaining as much knowledge as possible about vintage cars, and is the owner of a 1972 Plymouth that she repairs and refurbished herself. It’s no surprise, then, that the culture - and the conflicted relationship to it that many women in the community must hold - pops into her work. While the misogynistic imagery in these ads is usually enough to make you roll your eyes, the text can be even worse, and White’s edition features a pitch pulled directly from the stone ages: “You not only get a car and a girl but a piece of history.” She appropriates this messaging, isolating and recontextualizing symbols until they take on an entirely new meaning.